Exciting times! You are about to say ‘yes’ to your partner for life and are no doubt dreaming about traveling to a fine Europe destination to kick-start the fun with an awesome pre wedding shoot.

Or perhaps a visit to Europe for your pre wedding pictures is not enough and you are considering a destination wedding together with those who are closest to you. Maybe it’s a renewal of your vows or special wedding anniversary celebration that you are looking for in one of Europe’s top spots….

Whatever your special event is about, we will be honored to help you with your planning and travels. We have the best locations in Europe and finest all-round service to offer you in order to make your dreams come true.
All you have to do is celebrate love, life and your commitment to one another.


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  1. With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle s royal wedding coming up this spring, there’s no better destination to tie the knot than the home of the groom. The quintessentially British hotel, Dukes London, is situated on a quiet courtyard in St. James’s, Mayfair, and also happens to be a convenient five-minute walk from Buckingham Palace! Steeped in heritage, it promises a

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